We are pleased to announce the addition of Luke V. Bradley, who joins Vaughn-Martel as a 2012 summer law clerk.  Luke has completed his first year of law school at New England Law | Boston, where he made the Dean’s List.  Luke participates in the New England Law | Boston’s Student Ambassador Program assisting prospective students determine the right school for them.  Luke also volunteers for the New England Law | Boston Mentor Program, helping new students adjust to the demands of law school.

Before joining Vaughn-Martel Law, Luke interned with the Norwalk Public Defenders Office, aiding legal counsel for criminal defendants who could not afford private counsel.  Luke also clerked for the District of Columbia Office of Human Rights, supporting the Senior Mediator in addressing employment and housing discrimination in Washington, DC.

Luke is a native of Reading, Massachusetts, and graduated from Sacred Heart University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice.  During his free time, Luke enjoys music, literature, and spending time at the Boston Rock Gym.

All of us at Vaughn-Martel Law wish departing law clerk and recent law school graduate, Scott Clark, the best of luck on his bar exam and what will certainly be a bright legal career.


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