Vaughn-Martel Law has released a brief downloadable brochure entitled:  Co-Parent Adoption, A Guide for Same-Sex Parents in Massachusetts.

Generally, Adoption refers to the legal process of creating a legal parent-child relationship where previously one did not exist.  Co-Parent Adoption (also called “Second-Parent Adoptions and similar to Step-Parent Adoption) refers to the joint adoption of a child by two parents, one of whom is already biologically or legally related to the child.  The brochure briefly answers some basic questions like, “Who Needs Co-Parent Adoption”, “Is a Home Study Required”, and “Do We Need to Terminate Our Sperm or Egg Donor’s Rights”.

The Co-Parent Adoption process has been used by same-sex parents throughout Massachusetts to establish a legal and binding parent-child relationship in  a non-biological parent.  Even married couples who are both listed as presumptive parents on a birth certificate in Massachusetts should file for adoption to ensure that their legal parentage will be recognized in states that are hostile to same-sex relationships.

To determine whether a Co-Parent Adoption is right for you and your family, download our our free informational brochure, and contact one of the reproductive law attorneys at Vaughn-Martel Law.  We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.


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